• History

    Iulduz Industries Mechatronics In the june of 2014 with the launch of its activity began fluorescent frame production line, the company is in the field of electronics and lighting equipment

  • Strategy

    Corporate strategy based on the need to take advantage of energy-efficient lighting equipment according to the inception of targeted subsidies in the country is designed. According to the vacuum standard products to date in the field of lighting equipment on the one hand and weaknesses in the design and beauty of the production in the country, the company in order to increase the desire of customers to sample the fine in accordance with the design of visual space installation of lighting equipment domestic production, has to offer diverse products

  • Production

    Iulduz Industries Mechatronics with detailed analysis and realistic assessment of conditions requiring lighting equipment low consumption at home and abroad with a focus on the production of frames fluorescent low, as a specialized manufacturer of frame moonlit new designs with a view to benefit art and industry